Privacy policy

  • Sara is a registered Data Controller with the ICO.
  • As part of running the various sides of the business, it is sometimes necessary to store contact details of clients and the necessary information needed in order to work on their projects. All data is stored on a specific consent basis on a password protected laptop and a thumb print protected i-phone.
  • All data is backed up off-site (GDPR compliant).
  • Data is obtained through the website contact form, on emails and over the phone, or is retrieved from internet sites and is information that is therefore in the public domain.
  • No information about clients gets shared with any third parties at any time without client's prior consent.
  • Contact information and notes relating to all Wired Differently contacts and projects will be kept for a total of 7 years after the final contact is made.
  • In order to access any information that is stored in your file, please email me at
  • If you wish for Wired Differently not to contact you, please email with DO NOT CONTACT in the subject matter. Thank you.
  • The business / correspondence address for Wired Differently is : Wired Differently by Sara-Louise Ackrill Limited, Unit 45185, PO Box 92, Cardiff, CF11 1NB. I am not physically based at this address; I am in Cheltenham.