We charge a flat rate of £32+VAT per hour to all Virtual Assistant service clients.


Wired Differently by Sara-Louise Ackrill Limited exists to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners by carrying out Virtual Assistant duties at Admin Assistant level. Our VAs are neurodiversity savvy, come from an admin background, care about small businesses; they are self-starters and adhere to industry best practice. Our clients work in all sectors.

We work with clients who are based all around the world, but all VAs are UK based and we adhere to British law. 

Please note, we are not an agency, if your requirement is urgent, please be aware that this process may take 1 - 3 weeks


Role undertaken: Virtual Assistant. 

Rate: £32 + VAT per hour

Number of hours per week: (X) (We ask for a commitment, and invoice for a minimum, of 4 hours per week).

Setup time: We offer an initial 30 minute (free of charge) online meeting between the client and VA. Any setup time thereafter is chargeable as per the standard hourly rate

Reporting to: (X).

Person responsible for invoice payment, their title and contact details: (X).

Days and times agreed: (X).

Start date: (date). End date: (date).

Overtime agreed: Up to x hours allocated a week for ad-hoc back office and research work (only charged if used).

Mode: Work will be carried out 100% virtually and during office hours / at specific times/ covering anti social hours / out of hours but with correspondence timed to go out the following day (tick as preferred).

Agreed communication outside of scheduled calls/work: WhatsApp, email, mobile. During office hours. (we have answering machines on our mobiles). Please do not send us anything work related via social media platforms. Please use WhatsApp, phone and email.


These tasks have been defined (on date), as being:

  1. eg. Email organisation, email screening and sending ‘holding’ emails.
  2. eg. Coaching: helping with priorities, timing, motivation and productivity.
  3. Other related tasks as they become apparent. (This document can be revised if and when things change significantly). 

eg. We will invoice (X) for the calendar month within the last week of each month, sending an invoice on email. (Please give the month as reference).

Please pay into the following bank account :

Wired Differently by Sara-Louise Ackrill Limited,  Starling bank/ Sort code 60-83-71/ Account number 46113334.

We also accept Stripe/ payment by card and Go Cardless Direct Debit Mandate. We have clients all over the world.

Access to Work funded clients must agree to sign and post the completed Support Worker Claim form asap on receipt each month (we print this, complete it for you and send it to you through the post). We provide an SAE each month so you can send it to the DWP without any hassle. We will ask for proof of your grant when you start paying in this way. Clients are ultimately responsible for the spending of their grant.

Please note we only invoice the DWP for what you have actually used in any given month. We cannot claim the full grant and then stockpile hours for you to use up.


A fee of £30 is payable for invoices paid later than 5 working days after issue, except where the DWP is paying us with your Access to Work grant.


Clients wishing to pause our services because they are not working, the business is quieter than expected or simply through wanting to manage cashflow, are able to request a pause provided 14 days' notice has been given. Notice must be given by email please, even where a telephone conversation has taken place or a WhatsApp etc has been sent.


All clients are required to give 14-days’ notice if they wish to significantly amend the arrangement as stated in this document. This includes cancelling the project completely. Notice must be given by email please, even where a telephone conversation has taken place or a WhatsApp etc has been sent.


Sara is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller and has a GDPR policy. Details available on request.


Wired Differently by Sara-Louise Ackrill Limited holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity (both policies to £1 mill through Policy Bee and underwritten by Hiscox).

SOCIETY OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS APPROVED (Sara-Louise Ackrill is our representative member) 

Details: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2020/01/16/the-approved-virtual-assistant-scheme/  

Wired Differently by Sara-Louise Ackrill

Company no. 13224578 Vat Registration no. 430 6885 87. Based in the UK and internationally focused