Virtual Assistant

DEDICATED TO neurodivergent leaders

I combine all my skills in my specialist VA service...

I'm a former PA with years of office management, sales, high-end hospitality (including events) and recruitment management behind me. An approved member of the Society of Virtual Assistants, I am both fully insured and a registered data controller. 

My clients are leaders who have Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia (with or without a formal diagnosis)... and who need a PA who comes with the additional knowledge of these conditions and the strategies to work around/ support with them. Being a neurodiversity therapist and coach and also autistic myself puts me in the unique position of being able to understand my clients in a way I don't believe a more mainstream VA would. Executive Function and Emotional Regulation issues can really get in the way of a business leader who happens to be neurodivergent!

If I was a client...
What would I hire me for?

I am able to work to management level in the following areas: 

  • PA duties; bespoke call handling, diary management, meeting planning, travel arrangements; taking minutes
  • Office manager
  • Recruitment
  • Customer service
  • Caseload management (will all kinds of client groups).
  • Sales 
  • Networking and public speaking
  • Events and hospitality planning
  • Training (delivery)
  • Grant writing (individuals)

I can competently take on supporting roles in these areas:

  • Research
  • Social media marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Copy writing
  • Bid/ grant writing (organisations)
  • Market research
  • Training (planning and writing) I am currently piloting a 12-week course I have written for an organisation in Berkshire.
    I hold full professional indemnity insurance with policy bee (hiscox).
    No job or organisation too small.

    Approved Member of

    the Society of Virtual Assistants UK

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