What's happening right now? 

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate on or invest in anything I am working on.

The below is not exhaustive - there are more projects in the pipeline. The general theme is always improving the lives of people who are neurodivergent. 

Yes I do a lot. So please be patient on my less productive days :-) 


Subscription-based support app for neurodivergent people. In development. The project has attracted £50k in match funding so far from a top tech firm. The same company will make and adopt the app into their existing portfolio. Seeking seed investment.


Collaboration with E3 Koncept clothing brand in Canada on a unique clothing and accessories range for neurodivergent people. Q1 2021. Rushmita Alam and Mana Mojaver are inclusive designers and Professors of inclusive fashion at George Brown College, Toronto. Seeking seed funding. 

ND health

Accessible smear test project focusing on neurodivergent women (in partnership with a local charity and the NHS). Gloucestershire. There is a possibility that this could turn into a femtech / inclusive tech project. Watch this space! Pro bono work.

ND employability

Sara has just started working with Kimel Foundation as Director. It's a new CIC in the Thames Valley working to support neurodivergent people who are under 25 and Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) into work. Sara is designing Kimel's employability programme.

Wired Differently

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