What's happening right now? 

The below is not exhaustive - there are more projects in the pipeline. The general theme is always improving the lives of people who are neurodivergent. 


Subscription-based support app for neurodivergent people. In development. The project has attracted £50k in match funding so far from a top tech firm who will also make the app.


Collaboration with E3 Koncept clothing brand in Canada on a unique clothing and accessories range for neurodivergent people. Rushmita Alam and Mana Mojaver, my collaborators, are inclusive designers and Professors of inclusive fashion at George Brown College, Toronto. 


Accessible smear test project focusing on neurodivergent women (in partnership with a local charity and the NHS). Gloucestershire. Currently we have 5 surgeries and a travelling nurse on board :-)

Own My Life - From September 2021 Sara will be delivering this creative, inspiring and hopeful life coaching course to survivors of domestic violence (free to participants and all will take place on Zoom).

Please contact the Independence Trust in Cheltenham or contact me via this website if you are interested in these projects. 

ND employability

Sara writes, trains and coaches employability for neurodivergent young people for Kimel Foundation, a new CIC in the Thames Valley. As of June we are just coming to the end of the12-week pilot.

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