Sara talks about her personal experience of being autistic and ADHD; neurodiversity in the workplace;  employability, entrepreneurship and self-employment, therapy and coaching; mental health; domestic violence; travel; sex, dating, relationships; and communication.

Below are a few of Sara's most recent talks:

Sara is represented by Inspirational Speakers, The Speaking Agency, Speakers Corner and Champion Speakers

At Wired Differently we represent a select number of speakers who are neurodivergent, with complementary expertise in a relevant field, and for whom public speaking has been a part of their professional work for some time, albeit without representation. 

To book a WD speaker you must be a SME, charity, social enterprise, educational institution or public sector organisation.

Rates : £250-495 + VAT for a 40-min talk on Zoom / Teams plus a 20-min Q&A.

Please note that we are not seeking to take on new speakers currently and we do not accept unsolicited applications.


At 18, Jake was Britain's youngest elected politician and he went on to be the CEO of a large charity at the age of 26. With over a decade of experience and having led a major, nationally recognised charity through the Covid crisis, Jake advises organisations on Psychological Safety, Resilience through Vulnerability, How to get the Most out of your Trustee Board and his personal story 'From Paper Round to Front Page!'. Jake has ADHD.


  • Highly relatable
  • Great at reducing stigma by setting the gold standard in working with lived experience
  • Fearless, straight talking approach around complex and sensitive subjects


"Jake ran the best Masterclass I have ever attended"

"Likeable, authentic and highly knowledgeable"

"A creative, forthright and honest Leader"

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