At Wired Differently we represent a select number of speakers who are neurodivergent, with complementary expertise in a relevant field, and for whom public speaking has been a part of their professional work for some time, albeit without representation. 

To book a WD speaker you must be a SME, charity, social enterprise, educational institution or public sector organisation.

Rates : £250 - £495 + VAT for a 40-min talk on Zoom or Teams, plus a 20-min Q&A

Please note that we are not seeking to take on new speakers currently and we do not accept unsolicited applications.


Sara talks about her personal experience of being autistic and ADHD; neurodiversity in the workplace;  employability, entrepreneurship and self-employment, therapy and coaching; mental health; domestic violence; travel; sex, dating, relationships; and communication.


Sara is represented by Inspirational Speakers, The Speaking Agency, Speakers Corner and Champion Speakers.


At 18, Jake was Britain's youngest elected politician and he went on to be the CEO of a large charity at the age of 26. Jake also has ADHD.

With over a decade of experience, and having led a major, nationally recognised charity through the Covid crisis, Jake advises organisations on:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Resilience through Vulnerability
  • How to get the Most out of your Trustee Board

and his personal story 'From Paper Round to Front Page!'. 

  • Highly relatable
  • Great at reducing stigma by setting the gold standard in working with lived experience
  • Fearless, straight talking approach around complex and sensitive subjects

"Jake ran the best Masterclass I have ever attended"

"Likeable, authentic and highly knowledgeable"

"A creative, forthright and honest Leader"


Helena is a neurodivergent graphic designer and Founder and Creative Director of nooh Studio, a central London design-led storytelling agency.

Helena has ADHD and a brain that is full of new ideas. She speaks about how this both helps and hinders her creative process and discusses the tools and processes she has in place to help her, as a creative founder, execute the many ideas that wiz through her brain in any one day.


Helena has hosted talks at Imperial College, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and has run multiple campaigns for London NHS Trusts. In 2019, she published a book, 100 Stories of Cancer, running a story-led campaign to support those affected by cancer with the aim of promoting open discussion and normalising the cancer conversation by documenting other people’s stories and representing them through design. 100 Stories is the blueprint for Helena’s approach to design.

Helena believes by telling stories we immerse ourselves in someone else’s emotional world and connect through shared experience. 


Coral is a Latinx cis-woman who is openly neurodivergent/disabled. She is an Equality officer in the NHS, independent EDI consultant, speaker, trainer with particular expertise in Neurodiversity and creating neuro-inclusive support in and out of the workplace.

Coral has been an EDI adviser for Safe in our World (a Video Game Mental Health charity) since January 2023 as a lay member of their Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility and Stakeholder Engagement Committee. She holds a Masters post-graduate degree with Distinction, which focused on “the cultural impact and significance of gender and race representations in video games”, as well a strong academic background in the criminalisation of immigrants, and the criminalisation of trans-women.


Coral has delivered Neurodiversity training to over 500 NHS staff, at several organisations, has been a guest speaker for Neurodiversity Stories, and is currently co-organising an event on accessibility in the video game industry, that is booked to launch in July 2024, for Disability Pride Month.Ju 2024, for Disability Pride Month. 


Louise is a funeral celebrant based in Crewe, working with families and funeral directors predominantly in Cheshire and Staffordshire. 

As a member of the Association of Independent Celebrant, Louise benefits from belonging to a professional body and is passionate about, and devoted to, supporting people at significant moments in their lives and helping them to create cherished memories.

Louise is interested in cultural changes to both the funeral and wedding industry, and dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of a ceremony that reflects the values and personalities of those it honours. Current cultural topics include…

Wedding Reform - The reasons independent celebrants should be included as legal officiants of weddings.
How Funerals are changing - traditions, style, ‘celebrating a life’ or ‘mourning a loss’
The role of the funeral celebrant - what we do, why it’s so important!

Louise is also currently researching:

  • Ceremony and grieving
  • Neurodiversity and grief
  • Societal stigma and expectations of grief 


Monika is a qualified therapist, with a humanistic approach, and hasover ten years of experience working in the private sector and within the NHS, supporting people with:

  • Relationship problems, including abuse
  • Work related support issues
  • Low self-esteem and low confidence
  • Complex trauma
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Coercive control   

Monika views therapy as a journey of exploration and discovery, but also a time when you can share your worries and doubts in a safe and confidential space. 


"I strongly recommend Monika as a therapist.  Finding the right fit is critical and she is just that for me; her ability to process information quickly, provide tangible solutions and mix this with empathy and even humour was a winning combination for me"

"Alcohol addiction has always been a very big problem of mine. I have struggled to control the addiction, having seen many therapists for help. Personally, I did not want to give up alcohol and feared that may be the case. I was then recommended Monika, and I could not be more grateful that I was. With her help not only have I been able to control my alcohol consumption, but I have also been able to reduce it, to a much healthier level. I now continue to see Monika for further therapy, to do with reasons for my addiction, and possible solutions to deep rooted issues. I have to admit that Monika is better than I expected, and I can not thank her enough" 

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