A creative 'neurodiversity hub' offering products and services

for neurodivergent people

Wired Differently started as a low-cost therapy practice back in 2012, which then grew during the Coronavirus pandemic as the increased need for support and guidance become apparent. As of September 2023, we are a team of 25. Today, Wired Differently exists to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs, leaders, small business owners and those in further education. 


Virtual Assistants

VA service dedicated to neurodivergent entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners

Support & Advocacy

Providing neurodivergent people with support for 'adulting and life admin' needs

Therapy & Coaching

Neurodiversity specialist therapy and coaching 

Business & Employability

Dedicated to neurodivergent entrepreneurs, leaders, career changers & students


People with neurodivergent conditions tend to struggle socially, at home, school, in the workplace and in our relationships. But, where the medical model looks for a 'cure' for a 'problem', the social model of neurodiversity acknowledges the qualities of neurodivergent people and proposes that if society would only accommodate people with a different neurological make-up, then neurodivergent people would thrive.

Did you know that around 20% of the UK population is neurodivergent. This includes autistic people and those with ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia etc.

"Meet the Neurodiversity Coach"

Sara's Interview with Glynis Barber


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