Therapy, products & services for neurodivergent people


WD started as a general coaching and therapy practice in 2012. Wired Differently became a creative hub for products and services for neurodivergent people during the Corona virus pandemic in 2020. Today Wired Differently is therapy and a therapy app in development; employability training design and delivery; a clothing and office accessories range, a specialist VA service and various community based projects to do with health. All of WD is powered by neurodiversity, for neurodivergent people. For public speaking please enquire via Speaker's Corner (see tab).


Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist, coined the term 'neurodiversity' in the late nineties. It's used to refer to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and what used to be called 'Aspergers'; ADHD and specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia. 1 in 7 people or 15% of the UK population are neurodivergent*. Specifically, 1/100 Meet criteria for Autism and 5/100 meet criteria for ADHD. People with these lifelong conditions tend to struggle socially, at home, school, in the workplace and in their relationships. But where the medical model looks for a 'cure' for a 'problem', the social model of neurodiversity acknowledges the qualities of neurodivergent people and proposes that if society would only accomodate people with a different neurological make-up, then neurodivergent people would thrive!


Sara-Louise Ackrill is a British social impact entrepreneur. She is a practicing therapist with a business background (including recruitment sales and as a senior PA for a 'big corporate'). Sara was diagnosed with ASD herself at the age of 38 and has supported neurodivergent people in many contexts since 2012.

*Figure from Acas.



From employability training design and facilitation, to community work and the beginning of a partnership in India! it's been a VERY busy 10 months since Wired Differently made the shift from a purely holistic practice to a creative hub! ... More news coming soon... 


December - Sara was interviewed together with Andy Clayton on the Back in Business podcast.

November - Collaboration with E3 Koncept, Toronto is confirmed! Sara has joined the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Inclusive Entrepreneurship and the Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network.

October - Wired Differently has been selected to become a member of the GAN Start Up accelerator Start It @ KBC in Belgium for 2020-2021 !! 

September - Wired Differently's support app for neurodivergent professionals and university students has secured £50k in match funding from a top tech investor.

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