We are all really different and we cover some really unique areas of coaching support, including therapeutic. We offer a free 30-minute chemistry call and none of us offer packages. Payment is direct, or with Access to Work/ other funding. 

Take a look at all of our coaches below...

Sara-Louise Ackrill
CEO and Therapeutic Coach


  • Therapeutic coaching
  • Coaching for employment and self employment
  • Domestic abuse and related issues
  • Love, sex and relationships
  • Coaching for greater independence.

Owing to Sara having a full waiting list at present, until mid 2024 (and possibly later) Sara is offering new clients ad-hoc 101 neurodiversity sessions and ad-hoc supervision for professionals working with ND clients.

To book with Sara please visit Zoe Clews & Associates

Anthony Gribben-Lisle
Director and Executive Coach 


  • Business planning
  • Business risk and business strategy
  • Helping you maximise revenue streams.
  • GDPR expert.
  • Education background. 

To enquire/book with Anthony please email Polly Spiers, Executive Assistant,

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Marc Whitmore
ND, Holistic, Executive & Careers Coach


  • Careers coaching
  • Employability coaching
  • CV & interview coaching
  • Self-employment as an ND person

To enquire/book with Marc please email Polly Spiers, Executive Assistant,

Monika Labich
Specialist Coach & Therapist


  • Alcohol use and alcohol dependency
  • Domestic abuse
  • Counselling
  • Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Therapeutic and Life Coaching

To enquire/book with Monika please email Polly Spiers, Executive Assistant, 

Rebecca Caution
Holistic, Life and Business Coach


  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a technique which involves tapping on the face and upper body, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety and regulate emotions.
  • Matrix Reimprinting which combines EFT (tapping) and a visualisation technique to access and safely process challenging past events.
  • Breathwork which is a form of active meditation which involves focusing on or altering the breath in order to elicit particular physiological responses. It has many benefits including trauma release and emotional regulation.

To book with Rebecca please email Polly Spiers, Executive Assistant, 

Jake Morrison
MHFA Instructor and Workplace Mediator


  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA)
  • Member of MHFA England 
  • Workplace Mediator (CMC accredited)

To enquire/book with Jake, please email Polly Spiers, Executive Assistant, 

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We also work with the following coaches and therapists:

Young person's holistic neurodiversity coach (age 13 + plus)



Clinical psychologist (diagnoses offered)

ADHD and Autism coaches

We always try to ensure we are really well connected because we want you to find the right person.

To book coaching and therapy, please contact our Executive Assistant, Polly Spiers


"This is the most effective work I've ever done 1-2-1 with any professional" J, Barrister, London

"I didn't know what to do with my life 2 weeks ago. Now I've started working with you and I have the support from your team, everything is already turning around. It's amazing" M, Support Worker, Devon

"I can't wait 'til my Access to Work comes through. I love my sessions with you. You help me with everything" B, PR, Essex

"Why have I spent thousands on business advisors and they've never shown me so clearly where I'm going wrong. I am so glad I found you!" R, Marketing, Glasgow

"I think you were a major factor in us saving our marriage" P & P, (Teacher & Engineer), Gloucestershire

"It was odd at first as I'm a BACP therapist myself and I know you work differently. But I'm starting to wonder why more people don't work like you do. It's what I've needed" C, Psychotherapist, Essex

"I love that I came to you to talk about trauma but since then we've moved on to so many other areas and I've not needed to change support!" R, Coach, Hertfordshire

"I'm glad we can laugh about things! I was so fed up of people not getting neurodiversity. I had to tell one Support Worker what my 'spoons' are and I thought that's not a good sign! Why do I always get turned away as not being ND enough because I have no Learning Disability? But then I also get told it's a mental health issue!" B, Berkshire


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