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Recent Testimonials as of June 2021

"I met Sara-Louise on LinkedIn and asked if she could support me through my assessment and diagnosis and help me navigate my early journey as an Autistic/ADHD person. Sara-Louise was brilliant. She listened, gave me resources and was there when I really needed her. I would highly recommend Sara-Louise as a Coach and Counsellor and I know will book more sessions with her when I feel the need".

"Sara-Louise is a miracle worker and a wonderful therapist. I was had so many aspects of my life that I struggled to discuss as an introvert. I found out alot about myself through self discovery and Sara-Louise helping me talk through the process plus to offload. I highly recommend Sara-Louise as she cares for her clients and ensures that they get the best level of service. I felt like a new person who is ready to conquer the world... I can't thank Sara-Louise enough for helping me to navigate a new norm in my life".

I'll tell you everything you might want to know while deciding whether to work with me... and if there's anything I've missed then please ask :-) 

Whatever you are facing, even if you have never had therapy before and however you identify, I am sure you will feel comfortable talking to me. I will do my utmost for this to be the case. Accessibility is important and I have worked with clients who are sometimes non speaking, clients who are vulnerable in multiple ways and on full benefits and also I see many professionals; I am experienced in LGBTQIPA related work. I am a social sciences graduate with a passion for social justice and a total love for travel and people from all backgrounds. (I hope this says to you  "I am not a stuffy formal counsellor"..!)

If you have had therapy before, you will probably find my approach more efficient than those you are used to. This is feedback I get a lot. I am quite frank but also warm and I see being autistic as helpful to the process of supporting other neurodivergent people. I want for you to move forward meaningfully and relatively fast, so you can make up for any lost time and get more out of life as soon as you are ready. We will only ever go at your pace though. 

 In terms of training, I studied Psychosynthesis for two years in Paris (assessed as being both at and above UK Counselling Diploma Level across the curriculum) and a 90-hr Integrative Counselling Certificate here in the UK. I am currently studying the post-qualifying Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling (3rd year degree level) validated by Glasgow Caledonian University. I have also done extensive training around Domestic Violence including with Rape Crisis (as a listener), Freedom Programme (as a survivor), Diversity Trust (in LGBTQIPA-specific support) and the Own My Life DV recovery programme (as a facilitator). I am also a qualified MHFA England Mental Health First Aider. I am Train the Trainer qualified and have also completed CPD with Dyslexia Action, Human Givens, in debt support and in Psychosynthesis. I had therapy throughout my training.

I generally work with word of mouth referrals, including from NHS & private doctors and other therapists.

Sessions are bookable in advance and I do not offera crisis response or emergency service for either future or existing clients.

Often, once a person has worked through emotional issues, they like to set goals for the future and if doing a CV is part of this or having support for job seeking, this is definitely something I can help with. (I currently write and facilitate employability training and coach employability for a CIC in Berkshire who work with neurodivergent people of 18-30). I am a former recruitment manager, trainerand work coach to people with long-term health conditions.

I am an independent therapist and I am clinically supervised by Jeff Lane who is both BACP and UKCP registered and whose details are here: 

I am fully insured as a therapist, coach and trainer.

I have a good word-of-mouth reputation for working in the following areas, 90% of the time with clients who are neurodivergent (Autism/ADHD and related):

(You do not need a diagnosis to work with me however).

Executive functioning

Emotional pain and emotional regulation

Anxiety (with and without OCD)

Self esteem and self confidence issues



Impulsive behaviour

Gender and/ or sexuality questionning and identity


Domestic violence, rape and abuse

Employability and self-employment

Relationships and boundaries

Life coaching

Moving on from a criminal conviction or other life event that may have resulted in low self-esteem, guilt, shame and/or poor relationships.

Autonomy and independence

My service is available to over 18s. I regret that I cannot provide updates to parents or carers for reasons of confidentiality.

I only see clients deemed to have 'mental capacity' and who can attend sessions independently. 

I work with clients who are based all over the world except those domiciled in the US and Canada (this is for insurance reasons).


  • I charge £50 per full 60-minute session via Zoom. I offer reduced rates of £35 or £25 where I can and where a client has no regular income/is in unmanageable debt etc. 
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hours ahead to receive a full refund or credit to your account for your next session.
  • Payment must be made in advance of your session please. I reserve the right to cancel any session not paid for in advance. My bank details in respect of therapy & coaching only (and not Wired Differently's other services) are: Miss Sara Ackrill, Sort code: 04-03-90 account number: 00753130. I can generate an invoice by PayPal (for eg. if you are claiming your sessions back) but payment is still made into this account please and not via PayPal.


 IMPORTANT - Please note that it is important you take all reasonable efforts to ensure confidentiality when we are working together on Zoom.

If you are currently with an abusive and controllingpartner, please ensure you are on a device that is secure (lockable with a password or thumb print) and that nobody could have tampered with in order to record your sessions. Having therapy for DV while still with an abuser might mean you have strong reactions and want to confront your abuser. This is NOT recommended. Please contact your local DV support service who will help you create an exit strategy and safety plan.

Sara Ackrill, June 2021.

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